Summer pieces we'll all enjoy!

Hey babes! Happy Monday .. Fresh start to an amazing month and week, who's excited?!

This post will be a little different than the usual. I just started doing some of my summer shopping, I know what you're thinking 'Why now?" ... Well the weather has been a little crazy lately, one day warm next day cold so I'm stuck not knowing what in the hell to wear. I finally decided to say why the heck and just went crazy shopping online. 

BUT, if you're like me and can't help yourself to shop when you see cute pieces by all means shop your life away because these summer pieces are NOT to be missed! I ordered a couple myself 🙃

I'm currently obsessing over Express, never knew how many cute pieces they had here a couple I'm sure you'll love!


Fabrics I do Enjoy!


Summer Essentials

Warmer weather is finally here and I am flipping excited!

I was getting nervous about not having the right things to wear; finding summer clothes for me is always a difficult task! A pair of size large shorts doesn't even go pass my knees, I always have to go to the mens section to find something flattering enough for me to wear (which is completely impossible), that I can later take to my tailor and have her make them fit me like a pair of shorts (annoying I know).

The excitement that rushed on me when I found out about Express having a wide range of sizings catering to curvy women such as myself! These High waisted linen shorts are a size 14 and they fit so great on. I went on a whole shopping spree indulging in every piece of bottoms they had that actually fit me and not give me that god awful muffin top we all hate! They're sizes now go from 00 all the way to a size 18!!!!!! We've got some serious shopping to do ladies :)

Shop this whole look now down below, I've also listed some of the other colors these shorts come in .. Happy Shopping!