I Got away with the SWEATS today !

Would you believe me if i said that i went exactly like this to work and got away with it?
if you don't WELL you should cause this is exactly how i went to work !

Today was one of those days that i didn't feel like going above and beyond but yet still satisfied with what i came up with. what do you guys think?

This jean jacket vest started off as a regular JACKET but all i did was just simply cut off the sleeves BUT who doesn't do that with their Jean Jackets.

I love this CASIO watch the Gold and Brown leather color of it gives it such a great contrast with any outfit you wear i love it !

I love how i i paired my comfy ankle booties with these orangey socks and halloween is so close lol

OH &| btw i am sooooo loving this matte color definitely my new thing for fall !

Hope you guys enjoyed
Until next time 

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