The Perfect Spring Outfit

The Perfect Spring Outfit

The Perfect Spring Outfit by amourvero featuring nars cosmetics

Good Morning beautiful people! Since I've been feeling a little under weather and have such a hideous cold sore (no I assure I do not have herpes! Just the aftermath of a fever I have), I won't be posting outfit pictures anytime soon until I am better. BUT, I will be posting awesome outfits like this one. I mean is this not the perfect spring outfit! I guess you can say that my is a bit boyish, don't get me wrong I love my skirts, lipsticks, and heels, but I'm all about the loose fit when it comes to tees, jeans, shorts and blazers. I just like the comfortable fit of things, something that wouldn't make me feel so heavy or like I'm on the heavy side. I like to feel good, thats the point about fashion right? I'm also not a find of Nude but I mean c'mon do you not see those lovely Elizabeth and James Lace boots! And who would've thought that lipstick has a trend, apparently Orange is the new thing or still is . . . ?
What do you guys think? Let me know :)


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Martyn James said...

Such a gorgeous look, wonderful outfit!
Roll on spring :)