Transitional Looks

Good morning guyssss! I hope you had a great week!

Guys can we just sit down and talk about how fast summer came and left with a blink of an eye, It's September already and I still can't believe it! Like I was organizing my planner the other day and was shook when I started writing down my NYFW schedule.

Lets get right into this look shall we; now that fall is creeping up and some of us don't want to let go of those summer items just yet do not fear I'm here to help you! Transitional pieces are my favorite. If you're a REAL New Yorker than you should have master this a long time ago, if not no worries I'm not here to judge you, although shame on you!
I like to balance out my outfit, for example; If I cover myself on top (long sleeve top or sweater) I'll show some legs (a skirt or some shorts). If I wear long pants I'll most likely wear a short sleeve top or a cami and bring a light jacket with me for those chilly mornings. This look is somewhat of an example, (I completely forgot to shoot tis  look with my jacket off) the blouse is very light weight and silky so its perfect for those chilly morning/sunny afternoons. I than balanced it out with my open toe sandals because lets face it we're not ready for ankle boots just yet. I'll be showing you some more examples for transitional looks for the month of September.

Hope you enjoyed :)

WHAT I'M WEARING | Vintage Blouse from Beacon's Closet; High waisted denim from Blank NYC (similar here and here); Heel sandals, Zara (similar here)
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