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Good morning everyone!

I don't know how I'm actually functioning right now after that amazing golden globes last night. The women came out to play and they were NOT playing nice! I can't tell you how many times I got out of my sofa cheering each and every one of them. Natalie Portman with the two-piece hit when she said "all-male directors" as she was announcing the nominees. Debra Messing who I've always been a fan of, calling out E Network to an E network women employee about how unfair they are! The best part was Oprah's speech which was breathtaking, I cried towards the end. It sucks that we live in a world where as women we have to continue proving our work and working twice or even more than men and we still don't get the same amount of pay. Imagine a woman of color, can you imagine how difficult that must be, I know I can.

I can't tell you how many times I've been shut down by brands because I didn't "fit with what they were looking for" in other words I wasn't tall skinny and blonde. I could've stopped and forgotten about this whole blogging thing, but I didn't. I'm still here and I've gotten the chance to work with some amazing companies! I may not have 100+ followers yet but with the 20+ I do have I want to make sure all of our voices are being heard, influencers who don't use their platforms to fight for what is right are just suckers who rather keep quiet so they can settle for their bullshit payout. I honestly could give a rats ass about what company what company wants to work with it, its either you see my hard work and dedication I put into it and pay me the amount I know I'm worth or just simply walk away. I think a lot of these influencers are afraid to use their platforms to speak up because they may either lose followers or have brands not want to work with them; my thoughts on that is FUCK IT, you're just using that as an excuse to cover up the fact that you are sucker and I feel sorry for you, and those followers were never really loyal to you so you basically just did yourself a favor! I will continue to voice my opinion and fight for all the women and the women of color who deserve everything they fight for including equal pay, and if you don't like it well bye bye and keep it pushing!

What I'm wearing | Crop top, TheLineByK; Stripe Pants, Zara(old)(similar here and on sale), The Royale Sneakers, Greats ; Metallic Moto Jacket, Who What Wear

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