A Boring day at the OFFICE !

A Boring day at the OFFICE !

Happy Wednesday! It's the middle of the week already which means the weekend is almost here.

Today's look was a little basic which I don't mind at all cause who doesn't like going to work in just a casual look ( I KNOW I DO).

But the word basic doesn't really click into me very well since I don't just stick to the BASIC colors ( white, black, & gray) I must give my outfit at least a little pop of a color which is why 

I put on my COMFY burgundy Loafers and some wild animal printed scarf !

I love these pleated pants cause of the color but if its one thing I hate is the whole puffiness in the front.

And of course the infamous CROP TOP from American Apparel.

Did I also mention how comfy these Loafers are but thats not the best part about it, if you don't know by now I love love love bargain shopping but then again who doesn't ! These lovely burgundy loafers only cost me $15.00 at Target ! 

Basics are always good ! Especially an all black or all white look ( which I will be doing pretty soon) OH ! and don't get me started with the black and white LOOK ! ( which i also will be doing as well) I'm really starting to love those two colors together, well those two colors PERIOD!

BUT once in a while to not make a look so basic don't be afraid to throw in some color to give your outfit a POP ( i really use this word a lot lol)