Happy OFF Day

Happy OFF Day

I wanna say Good Morning but I'm a little to late on it so, GOOD AFTERNOON everyone, I woke up doing some of my fashion HW reading this months Vogue issue, and Lucky's Next month issue.

I love my wallpaper on my laptop it's the cutest thing ever lol

SO after staying in all day Saturday due to me not feeling well i decided to go out yesterday and enjoy the rainy NY weather so do some thrift shopping find some good old vintage pieces, I decided to throw on anything i had in my closet and just go about my business but my mom aka my photographer  thought i had done a really good job not thinking this thru &| boy oh boy was she right. Why is it that when we don't think of an outfit thru its when we are the most fashion forward.

Who said you couldn't wear summer outfits in the fall? Nothing a pair of stockings and knee high socks couldn't fix ! so i decided to put on my ripped up stockings that i bought at CVS ( ripped them myself) with my Forever 21 Knee High socks and tahhhh daaaa theres yu go !

High waisted shorts how we all love me, well i met admit i was never a fan of them due to my thick legs ( thanks to the ass my mother gave me ! Lol ) but when i tried them on i was in love, well not only because of the amazing deal i had gotten for them since i worked at American Apparel  but they looked sooooo retro on me and reminded me of the 80s so why not get them.  I added the burgundy crop top to give the outfit that fall color look also with the hunter green scarf and beige beanie hat. 

well since FALL is finally here you most definitely CAN NOT forget your Military Combat Boots. These bad boys have been with me for 4 years now got them when i was a junior in HS 

and till this day i still can't get enough of them i loveeee them with all my heart !

i tried doing a model pose here and completely failed at it and my mom thought it was cool to catch me laughing, and once again she wasn't wrong about that one ! LOL

AND if you never had 16 Handles before I suggest YOU march yah way to one ASAP because their frozen yogurts are there BEST ! well that was my whole entire SUNDAY afternoon how was yours guys?

until next time



High Waisted Shorts - American Apparel

Crop Top Crew Neck - American Appael

Black Stockings - CVS

Knee High Socks - Forever21

Vintage Combat Boots - Steve Madden