My Inspired Look !

My Inspired Look !

SO for today's look I went a little FAR & BEYOND, I had these pants in my closet for god knows how long. When I had an idea for an outfit I didn't have the right color shoes,

now that I work at an office i was afraid that it would've been too much.


i felt a little CHiC here lol

These Bf tee has to be theeeee best investment i ever made in my life !

One of my fav. bag &| you will not believe the price of it, it was only $40.00 at ZARA ! 

AND here is my inspiration ms. Sammy Goldfien (Designer)

The fact that she put those pattern pants on and made it look so casual made me built up sooooo much confidence and I thank her soooo much for it :) 

Hope you GUYS enjoyed 

Until Next Time