Preppy Prep

Preppy Prep

Hey Guys, It's the Middle of the week again and I am going to admit that I honestly HATE wednesday its when I wake up the most sleepiness & it sucks BIG time.

But any who moving on to what today's outfit was looking like I decided to go Preppy today but yet neutral so what can I say I pulled it together and these were the lovely results ! 

what do you guys think ? DID I do a great job ?

i really love this outfit because it made me look much younger then what i already am as if being the youngest one at the office isn't tough already but it still made me feel a bit more comfy &

not so OLD like the rest ( Don't let the girls see this they'll FLIP the fck out ) LOL  

OKAY, yes I'm short I'm only 5 feet tall and I DON'T CARE ! short people rule , BUT sometimes it sucks when you have to roll up your pants to meet the height requirement but that doesn't

mean I don't like it, it gives it a cute girly flirty look and I'm all for it.

Oh OXBLOOD how I Love you, I swear if it wasn't for these lovely loafers and soft cotton scarf this outfit will be boring . . . 

OH but lets not forget my cool geeky glasses OH YEAH high five !

now I'm not going to bore you here and tell you how i match this with that and how you should do this and not that , NO ONE told me whats was hot or not, like i said before 

and ill say it again don't let anyone tell you any different if you like it thats all that matters, I can

honestly tell you that many people out there may not like the way I dress but sooo what so be it if you don't you don't it definitely won't stop me from showing the lovely people who read my blog everyday what i love and how i dress and whats in and whats not for ME ! my blog is all about inspiration for 

you guys and inspiration for me and the things I love its all about loving and learning and I'm still learning ! 

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Until next time



Cotton Button Down - American Eagle Outfitters

Pull over sweater - Forever21

Pleated Twill Pants - American Apparel

Trench Twill Coat - Zara