Such A Cold Day in NY

Such A Cold Day in NY

HELLO everyone ! 3 day weekend vacation is now over and its back to the office we go !

With today's look i went a little modern and warm with it, I literally thought of it over night asked for my moms opinion which usually just go's like this ... "Hey Mom if you saw me walking would you stop and ask to take my pic cause you thought I was Kim Kardashion?" LOL 

Can I first just start by saying that I found this lovely Boyfriend Blazer at Beacon's Closet for just 12 BUCKS ! yes i know what a DEAL you can close your mouth now ! This blazer is soooo effin comfortable i wanna wear it when i go to sleep lol jk

The second best part of it for me is the back how long it is and straight its is ughhh its too dye for ! you can make any outfit look soo casual just by adding this lovely blazer which i CANNOT wait to do !!!!

At first i was going to add some black loafers with this outfit but then when i saw these lovely nude wedges i had my whole mind did a back flip and yelled and i am so pleased with the outlook of it.

If its one thing i have to admit is that it is hard always bring to look work appropriate and be a fashionista at the same time because its a bit out of my comfort zone i am more of a boyish, comfortable, hipster, crazy kind of girl who would wear a pair of sweats with some Jeffery Campbells or better yet a pair of Manolo Blahniks and a white tee leather jacket & just call it a day. BUT just like any fashionista out there your always up for the challenge and ACE it no matter what, WHY? Because WHY NOT !

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amourvero :*

Vintage BF Blazer- Beacons Closet

Turtle Neck Crop Top - American Apparel

High Waisted Twill Pleated pants - American Apparel