Velvet Madness

Velvet Madness

HEY guys what an ugly day we had today in NYC ! It was such a rainy day. 

ANYWHO, so have we been seeing the amazing velvet madness all over the mags so far I know I have and the first thing I had to do was get me a pair ( I ended up getting two ) I have these lovely velvet leggings in this studding burgundy and BLUE color ( which you'll be seeing soon). 

so here i decided to show you TWO different ways on how to wear a pair of velvet leggings , since i work at a law firm i made this look more casual and more work suitable which i think was all innn the heals and i'm super pleased with thee results . . . what do you think? 

These nude suede heals are super comfy and definitely gave this outfit a more elegant look which i super love , and their super comfy & only cost me 20 BUCKS !

&| then here i went with a more laid back chilled look by just adding my favorite BATGIRL tee (I'm a huge BATMAN FAN btw lol) and my light denim button up to give it a more edgier look with my 

black loafers . . . what do you guys think?

yes my hair is messy i had a longgggg day and needed the break lol 

These velvet leggings are zoo comfy and soft its like you're walking around in the NUDE honestly they are the best pieces i have bought this far , next stop is a velvet blazer !

I do apologize for the poor quality of the photos and the horrible background but if i am going to be honest I have to let you guys know that all my pics are taken with my iPhone i am working my up to getting a Nikon D3100 since i heard its a good ass camera so better quality pics will be 

coming up soon and the reason why today's pics are taken in my building hallway is 

because i got home extremely late and it was already dark outside and it was raining like crzy so i had no choice but to take them in my building hallway , but enough about that 

i hope you guys enjoyed todays fashion blog and got some pointers from it 

until next time 



Velvet Leggings- 

American Apparel

Vintage Blazer 

Nude Pumps- 


Vintage Batgirl Tee

Light Denim Button Up- Last Season AE