What a BOYiSH day

What a BOYiSH day

UGH ! Today was such a busy day at the office I didn't get to sit till 4 an hour before home time :(

BUT thank god for today's outfit which made me feel so relax ( i guess thats beauty of not having to wear a FULL on suit for work lol) i call this look my BOYISH 

relax look :)

These Zara Pants are a real pain in the ASS as much as I love the color and fit they sometimes tend to piss me off around the front area but oh wells we can't always be perfect now right ?

"Hey I think i know that person over there?" (LOL]

This baseball tee is the most important part to my outfit i must say, which is why I have 2 different colors. isn't it sooo cool ?

Okay ima gonna admit to this one I was being a fashionista here thinking i was cute but so what this is my blog right ? LOL if its one message that I'm trying to say thru my blog or choose of words is don't be afraid to take risk with your wardrobe take risk if its okay with you and you love it then wear who gives a flying fuck on what other people think or say they're not the ones buying your clothes so why not wear it ? worry about yourself and not what other people may think. I think that was more then one message lol, until next time 



High wasted Pleated Pants- Zara Last Seasons 

Baseball Tee- American Apparel

Circle Scarf - H&M

Loafers- Thrifted Stores