OUTFIT: Fall Color Blocking

I know what you're thinking "where the fuck you've been" well I'm BACKKKKK; LOL
I'm sorry guys things have been soooo crazy this weekend I took the time to actually have some family time with my lovely Grandmother (which mind I add her B.Day is coming up Dec. 25th)
BUT today is Monday so its BACK to reality and back to blogging for you lovely people.

It looks as if I tasted a sour candy LOL; but no I wasn't ready for the shot but my lovely mom took it anyway. 
American Apparel Harem Pants, Baseball Tee, & Shawl Cardigan; Forever 21 Cardigan, H&M scarf & Urban Outfitter Loafers

Who said you couldn't color block in the FALL ?
Well, guess what I just did & I love the color combinations I picked.
& the fact that I wore these lovely Tan Loafers gave this Look a more less DARK.

What do you guys think?
Please let me know
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