Zara Madness Novembers LookBook

Zara Madness Novembers LookBook

Hey Everyone !

How was your day today ?

Mine was pretty good can't complain 

Any who now to get down to business , words cannot explain how much I am loving the november cookbook for ZARA ! If it is one thing I am looking into this winter is OVERSIZED clothing especially woven coats I cannot wait to add one into my lovely closet.

Another piece of detail i'm starting to love is printed jackets and pants and i am definitely loving this


OMGGG do you not see this lovely Oversized COAT !! 

   I've been looking for the perfect pair of pants like these blue ones to do an Inspired Look :)

Well guess just a heads up for the next two weeks I will be posting up post many clothing pieces that I love as well as outfits that are very inexpensive that you guys will definitely LIKE ! 

The only reason why I will be doing this is because & I promise you this is my TRUE honesty here 

I seriously need to save for the HOLIDAYS there are soo many gifts that I wanna get and I honesty do not had that ONE paycheck that can get them all so I must do the old natural WAY SAVE ! so no shopping for myself in a while ( well I can't really promise that lol) BUT please stay tune I Promise you 

I won't bored you !!

I hope you guys enjoyed today's Blog post

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