Christmas Outfit

Good Morning Everyone !!
Happy Hump Day (Wednesday) Did you get a lot of gifts yesterday, I sure did and they were the best gifts ever, although I still wish I was a I kid again; nowadays the technology for these kids are just soo advance. 

Forever21 blazer, shirt, pants; ASOS Black Booties

So for christmas I decided to go with an all white suit and a silk black top. It was something about the all white suit that got me pumped up for the holidays, it's so elegant and chic plus the whole suit thing is definitely in this season and next if you haven't already seen YSL Pre-Fall 2013 collection which I LOVE SO FREAKING MUCH ! and besides if you don't like Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal and his all white suit look then I don't think you should be following me at all lol jk !!!! okay back to the outfit, I also put my pointed gold/black ankle booties to top off the look and they were sooo flipping comfortable. 

What do you guys think? Let me know !

Until Next Time

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