Nothing is Never too Basic !

Hand-Made Hat; PU leather sleeve shirt-some random store; Peg; sneakers-converse 

Good Morning Everyone !
I hope that you have a lovely day today. Today's look couldn't be more comfortable then it already is & I'm sooo loving it. I decided to wear my Peg Trousers that I order from asos and pair them with this PU Leather army green shirt I had bought in a random store in soho (you got to love shopping randomly, you find so much more then expected) and to give this look a more comfort look I wore my chucks COME ON how more comfy can look get ! oh wait thats right my ass isn't wearing a bra so yeah this is the ultimate comfortable look (how many times I did say comfortable in this post ! oh wait I just said it again lol) & of course I couldn't go outside in the cold without my Knit Nack Erica made for me !! 
Hope you guys enjoyed todays Blog Post

Until next time