H&M's Spring Collection

Hello everyone, I'm sorry I've been so distance with my blog, BUT I promise you I will be posting up some outfit looks soon. On that note I wanted to show you guys the new spring collection H&M has got going on and I cannot wait to buy every piece, YES I said every piece. I honestly don't think leopard, leather and the whole black and white trend will ever die down and I hope it doesn't. I really want that dress and sandal heels. What about you guys? Anything you see you might run for and get.


Also in Good news guess who's going to LA ? YES you guessed correctly I AM!!! And I cannot fucking wait, I am supper excited for this trip with my lovely ladies. And since my friends know me sooooooo well the first thing we are doing when we get to LA is shopping so yeah they love me! so im hoping to find some of these items at a H&M over there. Don't worry guys I will make sure to post every embarrassing and non-embarrassing pictures.

Hope you guys enjoyed 
until next time