I'm just one of the boys


Silk Shirt, Leather Jacket, Shoulder bag & BF Jeans H&M Trend; Knitted hat Hand Made; Axxess Cognac Leather boots SteveMadden 

Happy SUNDAY ! Or better yet ITS SUPER BOWL SUNDAY !
are any of you lovely readers watching the game tonight? I am and I can't wait to see who wins 49ers or Ravens (Ray Lewis's Last year) <— I'm guessing thats why people hope that they win, but then again 49ers in my opinion play better, BUT lets see. FYI I'm really looking forward for Beyonce's performance and of course those delicious wings !!

Okay now about the my outfit, since its sunday and I'll be inside a house surround by anxious men I decided to go with the more boyish look by wearing my most favorite style of jeans BOYFRIEND and paired them with my Silk Black High-Low blouse (which I also own in white here) and the most comfiest combat boot ever which are my new fav if you haven't already known thanks to my instagram page. The hat was just to add some color lol.

Hope you guys enjoyed todays look.

P.S. I'm going try my best and start to post on a daily basis now. I've been slacking way to much and I can't take the pain anymore.

Until next time

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