Introducing the GARBO + Shoemint Giveaway

Hello everyone! Hope your day went well today. 
Today I wanted to show off a new pair of shoes that I received yesterday in the mail from These are called The GARBO and I saw these on a blogger that I follow on Bloglovin ( & I fell deeply in love with these white ones. I couldn't help myself but to get them. The best part about this website is that, well for starters it's not like Shoe dazzle where they still charge you every month even if you don't want to buy a pair of their shoes, with shoe mint you do still get a credit of 79.80 at the beginning of every month BUT if you don't want a pair of their shoes you can always SKIP that month and you will NOT get charge anything at all. Isn't that fucking awesomeeee. I just finish ordering two more pairs of shoes thanks to my 79.80 credit ;) (my mom and boyfriend are going to flip!!) 

Okay here's the best part ! YOU ! yes YOU get to own a pair yourself ! yayyyyyyyy 
all you have to do is 
  1. Sign up here 
  2. Follow my blog on Bloglovin and Like this post
  3. Follow my Blog of course on Google connect
  4. Like my Facebook page.
Once you did all 4 comment below saying Done and What style it is that you like/want and your size. Wasn't that easy?

This Contest ends March 1, 2013 so Hurry Hurry Hurry !

Until next time