Messy Hair & a Busy Day

Striped Blue Blouse Forever 21; Asos Peg Pants in Jersey Asos; White Leather Wedges H&M Trend; Basic Messenger Bag Zara

Hello there everyone; I'm sorry for the lack of photos in today's post. Today was such a long busy day that by the time I wanted to take pictures of todays outfit the sun was already gone! I had no choice but to take them in my buildings hallway; which I hate sooooo much, but fuck it it is what it is. Okay, now about the outfit, I have been seeing these sexy white leather wedges on so many bloggers for a very long time; I even posted up a picture in one of my inspiration here (first picture). Today was finally the day that I got my hands on these babies and I couldn't be more happier. I decided to pair them with my favorite relax comfy trousers, and High-Low Blue striped blouse. Since I had so many interviews today I went with something simple BUT trust me when I say YOU will be seeing these bad boys again but with a much better up to date outfit. 

P.S. Please don't mind the disaster going on in my hair I've schedule a 911 hair emergency for tomorrow.

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Until next time