A Fun Day in Williamsburg

Good Morning Everyone, I hope that you have a lovely day today. Yesterday I paid my old home town of Williamsburg a nice little visit to meet some amazing people for a meeting, super excited about some projects that are coming along. If its one thing I love about Williamsburg (besides the BARS) is the artwork that are painted all over the streets, so what better way of showing off your outfit than in front of some these artwork. 

 This was getting painted, how amazing! now thats what you call talent.

 Some freshly made Lemonade yum!

 Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I finally decided to show off my "Business Cards" 
What do you think?

 Any regrets?

After eating some healthy choices, we decided to get some dessert, and what better way of doing with than to pay Brooklyn's Cupcake a nice little visit :)

Don't they just look sooooo delicious!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed todays post

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