Sweats are so Chic!

Black Silk Blouse Forever21; Harem Sweats H&M Trend; Beanie Ebay; Big Circle Scarf Gap; Leopard Shoes Aldo; Lunch Bag Zara

Good Morning Everyone! 
I hope that you have a lovely & fashionable day today :)
Now as a blogger I vow that I will always tell my readers/followers the truth, and here it is; yesterday was the worst day to ever take blog pictures BUT we manage and these are the results. Thank god for that. Now I don't know who said that wearing sweats were only for lazy days that are only worn with sneakers/boots, NO! So not true you can make anything chic nowadays and this is me doing it, and why not do it with a pair of sexy leopard printed heels. 
What do you guys think? Let me know I'm all ears :)

Until next time 

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