another day another dollar

Black bf tee, American Apparel; Leather leggings, Topshop; Lulu heels; Shoemint; Vintage Blazer

Good Morning everyone! I know, I know, spring is here and we’re supposed to dress up in all the colors of the rainbow, but for some reason I’ve been really drawn to simple, black/white outfits lately. And, since once again my immune system fails to kill any germs, which is why I am sick most again. So this what my outfit and day is looking like, so I won't be somewhat of a bitch but I won't play nice today thats for sure. Oh yeah, I also receive my new babes Lulu in the mail yesterday. I love how detailed they are in the back and the snack prints it has all over, and they're white so yes I'm a happy camper, somewhat. 
What do you guys think?


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