Fine China

I blinked and now it looks like I'm high. OH WELLS I love the pose and how my outfit looks

White Soft Tank Top, H&M Trend; Leather Pants Frontrowshop; Sandel heels Zara; Grey Shawl, American Apparel 

Good Morning Dolls, I hope that you have a lovely day today. Today is Tuesday and I've been working like crazy and I'm not up for all that cute shit today, I wanted to be comfy; Which is why I put my lovely baggy leather pants, that just feel like heaven. Its like wearing sweats just with style. I named this post Fine China (well besides that catchy Chris Brown song) because for some reason I feel asian with this outfit idk if its cause of shawl or just my imagination but I LOVE IT! Since I'll be meeting some amazing people today I still had to put myself together and present myself well as a stylist and as a hard worker, which is why I put on my favorite Zara sandals & some Red lipstick (just to add some fierceness into this look, is that even a word?). FYI, I'm on my second cup of coffee and it's not even noon yet. What do you guys think? Let me know :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed

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