OUTFIT| Monochrome with a bit of Teal

Crop top, American Apparel; Striped Drawstring Harem Pants, Forever21; Leather Jacket, H&M Trend; Lunch Bag, Zara; Teal Wedges, Necessary Clothing

Good Afternoon Everyone! Today is such a beautiful day in the City, I hope you're out enjoying it. I decided to do a Monochrome look today with just a splash of Teal to make todays look stand out. I don't think I would ever get tired of Black and White, I mean who would? It's the two most popular best looking color together (In my opinion). As I was digging through my bureau allllll the wayyy down, I found these black and white stripes pants that still had a tag on them! I mean how can I forget that I ordered these bad boys (confession of a shopaholic). I mean they're supposed to be Harem pants but since I have huge thighs and a fat ass they fit like a regular pair of trousers, but hey we're not all perfect right?
What do you guys think?


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