I Wish I Could Wear

I Wish I Could Wear by amourvero featuring ripped shorts

Good Morning Dolls, I hope you enjoy your day today. Unfortunately, I cannot enjoy mine because it's raining cats and dogs out here in NY. I woke up hearing thunder and seeing nothing but floods on the news and pictures on Instagram. So, today is more of a I wish I can wear look kind of day today. Since I know own these new nude ankle strap sandals, I've been thinking of the many outfits that I can wear with them. This is exactly what I would wear! I love nothing more than a loose fitted v-neck tee like this one for the Spring/Summer, they're just so freaking comfy. You can you never go wrong with distressed shorts, I've been having my eyes on these bad boys for a week now they remind me of the J brand ones (topshop ones are not as loose). I might just buy those bad boys next week. My moto for this summer is to wear a statement piece which is why I choose this sunset orange blazer that would give this look a standout. Now my rule is if you have a piece that stands out the most you don't want to do to much which is my I choose a white bag like this Proenza Schouler, but if your like me who can't afford such a bag you can check this one out and this one as well. I'm not the jewelry kind of gal which is why you only see this Michael Kors watch. Wow I just did a shit load of typing here! But any who, what do you guys think? Let me know :) (Not about the shit load of typing, but about the outfit)


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