Sexy in Black

Vintage Blazer; Monochrome Striped pants, Sheinside; Sandal heels, Zara

Good Afternoon Dolls, So guess who's feeling their sexy side today? Yup you guessed it right ME!
I was inspired by Karla (you know the sexy hot blogger from Karla's Closet) when I saw her put this look together yesterday, I was like yessss I have to do this look! I've always wanted to do a look like this ever since rihanna did the whole no bra under blazer thing (its itty bitty boobs thing, so if you have some melons on you DON'T TRY IT!). Where will I be going looking like this, um idk but who cares I feel and look sexy :)
What do you guys think? Let me know :)


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