Simple oversized Monday

Oversized Sweater, American Apparel; Skinny Jeans, American Eagle; Georgen Shoes, Aldo; Lunch Bag, Zara

Hello Dolls, I hope you had a lovely day today. I know what you're thinking an oversized sweater in May wtf!?! Well, yes an oversized sweater in May, why? Because well, the weather is still shitty and because I can (I was cold). Today was just one of those mornings where you can't find anything to wear (even though you pretty much own everything) and you basically just put on anything that seems good. That was my morning and this is why I came up with, SIMPLE! A simple oversized sweater, with a pair of simple jeans and my brand new pair of black simple (see what I just did there) Aldo Georgen Heels that are super comfy (you should definitely get them). What do you guys think? Let me know :)


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