I'm not into florals, but I mean look at this suit! I hope I can get it :)

Those blue pants, I mean come onnn, they're screaming my name to come home with me! 
I'm also loving the white leather clutch. 

I said this summer that I wouldn't do high waisted anything because, I did the total opposite last summer.  I mean everything was high waisted for me. BUT, these shorts in black are a must have and I will definitely be getting them next week.

Once again I am not into floral, but this pencil skirt! I can see myself wearing it for a dinner date or maybe even do a sporty look with it.

Okay, its so secret I HATE showing off my arms. I find them extremely fat and annoying and I have fat around my armpit area, so you really won't catch me in anything tank top but now that I'm going on a diet and working out in the gym, I will buy this tank top with the cute ruffles and make it my goal to wear it before the summer end! (wow that was an extremely long ass sentence). 

So what is your input for the Zara May Lookbook. Let me know :)


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