My Ideal Summer Outfit

White Blouse, H&M Trend; Denim Shorts, American Apparel; Office Tuxedo Shoes, Topshop 

Good morning, It's Monday already! I hope you had a lovely weekend, but unfortunately it's now Grind time (get that money). So, yesterday I've asked you beautiful people what is your ideal summer outfit, and the answers I'm getting are amazing there is no right or wrong answers here, your style is your style I am not here to judge you on it but simply acknowledge how different we all are when it comes to fashion. Well, this is my ideal summer outfit. I know what you're thinking("what no heels?") Yes, no heels, I love my comfort and these shoes are exactly what I would go for. Some denim shorts and white blouse and BAM here's my summer outfit :)
What do you guys think? Let me know

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