Fro-tastic (I'm Back)

Fedora Hat, H&M Trend (old); V-Neck Tee, Forever21; Boyfriend Jeans, ASOS; Boyfriend Blazer, Urban outfitters (old)

Hello everyone, guess who is back? ME!!! I was M.I.A for 2 months, and you're probably wondering as to why I was gone for so long or you just don't care either or, I promise I will tell you why but for right now I shall leave you with these two lovely images of me on todays outfit choice. Did you miss me? Even if you didn't just know that I missed you all like crazy and I am super excited to be back. 

P.S. amourvero makes a year next week Sept 14th, how exciting :) 
P.P.S I also made a twitter account for the blog also, just the blog nothing personal, only blog related. @AMOURVERO


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