Black blouse, H&M; Camouflage pants, Zara; Angeles Schutz flats, here; Vintage coat; Michael Kors watch

I'm sorry but I cannot get over how amazing my hair looks in these photos! I've been fighting with my hair for so long, that I ran out of options. How good does my hair look right now!? Anyway, if you have been reading my blog and following up you already know how much I love mixing prints. Its like playing truth and dare and almost everybody is picking truth because they're so scared about what the dare will be; well I'm the daredevil when it comes with prints and I am loving it thus far. I think I will be mixing a lot more prints this spring/summer. Lets play a game of truth and dare . . . Truth? Is it true you're related to Blue Ivy? . . . Dare? I dare you to start taking some fashion risk buddy ;) 

Have a good day everyoneeee


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