Long Blazer, ASOS (Similar here); Ripped Bf Jeans, Forever21 (Similar here and here)l V-neck t-shirt, H&M Men; Mixa Boots, Tony Bianco; Rayban aviators, Zara bag

Well hellooooo, I am bizzack! I took some time away from blogging to try to get my shit together, BUT so far I got nothing but a bunch of shopping bags and packages; Its a good thing I'm 20. Also I don't know if you noticed (doubt it) but I've been trying to lose weight (part of me getting my shit together) and it's sooooo freaking hard, temptations is a motherflower peeps! One thing that hasn't changed is my style I'm still a simple kind of gal, I love my black,gray,white tones and THAT my dear friends will never change. Hopefully I don't go a-wall again and actually blog more because I know for a fact you all miss me, it's okay I miss you guys too.


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