Good Morning dolls, Hope everyone had a lovely Easter! I've been trying to switch up my style a little, more sexy and confident if you must say. I'm just trying to embrace these amazing my curves my mother has blessed me with. Every women should embrace their body types, No?

I bought this cute little bow top on sale at zara (the struggle of working there). I took the whole denim on denim look to a different level; I kept the denim bottom half going with these ripped knee jeans but changed up for the top. Still kept the whole denim (blue) theme. I wanted a more layback yet chic look with this one. Layback would be the long oversized grandmother (that's what my moms call it, she's hating I swear) sweater I wore over; which I found at an awesome thrift store btw.

P.S. My curls are totally doing a comeback season, I'm super excited at how curly they're getting. If you want me to do a post about the products I've been using, lmk I'll be more than happy to let you guys in on it. xoxo

WHAT I'M WEARING | Top w/ bow, ZARA (old); Ripped knee jeans, Zara (similar here); Gianvito Rossi pumps in suede, Long Oversized Sweater, Thrifted, Watch is from Daniel Wellington