Happy Monday! I know I've been MIA and I have no excuse for it but only that my job has taken over my life. I promise to be more consisted with my blog looks.

Now that the weather is finally coming together in NYC (I feel like I'm the only New Yorker that hasn't gotten a  tan yet) I decided to put an all white look together. Of course I had to end it with my favorite L train vintage denim jacket that I only got for 8 dollars!

I also teamed up with DITTO, which is where I got my amazing Prada Shades! Sign up today using my code PETITE and get one month free and order yourself a cute pair of designer shades! No seriously I'm not kidding, they have amazing designer pieces and you can get a pair using my code and NOT pay anything. If you end up staying with your account all you end up paying is $24 a month for $600 sunglasses, I mean honestly you're freaking INSANE to pass on this offer! GO NOWWWWWWWWWWWW


WHAT I'M WEARING | Top from Topshop (old), High Waisted Denim ZARA, Caiolea pumps, SCHUTZ, Vintage Denim Jacket from LTrainVinatage; Prada shades from DITTO (PETITE)