Heyyyy guyssss! Happy Friday, hope you guys had a lovely week :)

Wednesday was such a gloomy day, I wish I could've stayed in BUT being that it was my mother birthday  I had to run out and get some errands done.

Okay guys so hear me out with this bright ass idea I came up with; remember when I said I was going to start new contents for you, well what about a coffee one, I mean why the hell not! I'm obsessed with drinking the damn thing. One of the many thing I love about Brooklyn are the little small local coffee shops.Don't get me wrong homegirl right here is still a gold member with Starbucks! I just happen to run across this little cute spot, I was in desperate need of a cup.  This place is called Myrtle and Marcy; It's a small, dark every hidden little coffee shop, you'll miss it if you were in a hurry. I think it's time I start scouting out more coffee shops and keep you lovely guys updated on where to go, sounds good? :)

Today's look was very casual, vintage Levi's with my favorite missgudied boots, cropped beige hoodie that I wish I could wear every damn day! To top off the look I added my Spanish mami hoop earrings; you know so I can be all ghetto fabulous at the same damn time :)

Hope you enjoyed :)

What I'm wearing| Vintage Levi, L Train Vintage; Cropped Hoodie, Missguided; Mid Calf sock boots, Missguided; Zara coat