Hello again there darlings!

Looks who's back the same week with another damn look, that's right you guessed it ME! I'm telling you guys 2017 is the year for more contents, No more of the that depressed, shallow, I can't find inspiration crap, I give you my word *pinky promise*! Since all I did last year was slack off, I was thinking (besides not slacking off anymore) about doing a mixing of high end pieces (yes I got my eye on you Gucci belt), and vintage pieces. My love for vintage shopping and small business; the kind that are own by just one person doing all the work, have grown a lot on me. There basically once in an lifetime pieces you can get your hands on. Yes you end up paying more but think about it as a form of art. That individual just spent all day making that gorgeous top or dress and it's made specifically for your body type, that shit is freaking amazing to me; makes me feel special.

Okay moving on to this look, personally to me you CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT live in NYC and not own a fur coat, faux to be exact (not into that skinning animal bs). It's one of those statement pieces you need. I'm obsessed with this bad boy that I happen to get my hands on while shopping online for something completely different. I don't think it's available anymore online being that I ordered this a long time ago, but I'll def leave you a couple of other options down below.

I paired it with my favorite distressed denim that I got from Zara, honestly I think anything fur and ripped together just looks super edgy and cute. I finished this look with these BOMB ass sliver booties that I also got from Zara, they remind so much of the 


 mirrored one (leave it to Zara for that great knock off).To me the booties give it that extra edgy chic to it since the rest of my outfit it super casual. What do you guys think about these silver booties?

This year is all about change guys, I've been focusing on a lot of inner self growth and I want it to reflect on my wardrobe; besides my family and friends. Which is why I'll be posting a lot more, but also taking my time. I'm even going to start a beauty section on the blog soon (I've been working a lot on my dry ass skin and been loving the results). Let me know what else you guys will like to see more of! Don't be afraid I don't bite; unless you're covered in chocolate, than I just might ;)

Hope you guys enjoy :)

WHAT I'M WEARING | Faux Fur, Revolve (similar hereherehere); Distressed Jeans, Zara; Sliver High heel ankle Zara