Good Morning Dolls!

TGIF! Hope you guys had a lovely week, February is coming to an end next week so damn fast! Next thing you know it's the holiday season all over again; okay I'm over exaggerating but you get my drift right?

We've been having some lovely weather here in NYC and I'm all for jacket season don't get me wrong; but what's scary to me is that just two weeks ago I took these pictures during that snow storm we had. Isn't that crazy? A snow storm two weeks ago and now its sunshine and warm weather. I don't know much about the history of climate change but I will start today! I think it's important to understand and have some basic knowledge about the world we live in, who knows if it'll exist anymore :/

You're probably like "girl please, stick to what you know which is fashion" or "This has been happening for awhile now and now you're starting to notice?"

No, I'm not going to just stick to fashion, I really think this is something serious and I'm upset with myself that it took me this long. Sometimes it takes people longer to understand certain crap until shit starts happening and I am one of those people, sorry I'm human guys shit happens BUT I'm now aware and will learn the seriousness of this situation.

BUT, all in all this day was funny and very very very COLD! Probably one of the many horrible ideas I thought of, but a funny memory to remember. What are your thoughts about climate change let me know :)

Hope you enjoyed :)