Hey guys, last week was just so crazy for me I literally couldn't find the time or energy to blog BUT I made sure I took some outfit pics for you :)

Last week a lot happen, 60 degree weather, snow storm, Fashion week and my niece turning two months (the cutest little bundle of joy). I lived in New York all my life, and I swear to you I will never understand the weather out here; one day warm next day a fucking shit show!

I'm not going to lie to you guys my crazy ass went outside to take some shots in the snow (if you follow me on IG/Snap you know what I'm talking about) and it was the dumbest thing I have done thus far! I couldn't feel like hands, toes I don't know what got into me lol. I will be posting it up the blog soon.

For this look, I pulled out this awesome vintage faux fur that I got from L Train vintage (my go to vintage store). The minute I put it on I knew I had to have it, and the best part was that it was only $40! I've seen some that were going for $200-$500 on etsy and personality to me I'm not going to pay that much a faux fur sorry not about that life. I put on my favorite denim overalls to compliment the look, I made the hole on the knee myself because I got bored with them over the years; might add some more distressed to them not sure yet. I'm not sure why I added the hat but when I put it on it just fit so perfectly with the look, it knocks the edge of a little bit. I hope you guys like this look and what are your thoughts on the coat lmk :)

Hope you enjoy :)

WHAT I'M WEARING| Denim overalls, Zara(old) (similar herehere, and here; Blouse, Zara (old); Leopard faux fur, LtrainVinatge (similar here and here); Mid Calf sock boots, Missguided (Burgundy is sold out but the black ones are still available here