Hello lovers! Hope your week is going well :)

Am I the only one who's starting to think this years winter been a little iffy? Like it goes from really really cold to just cold to than warm 🤔, climate change is such a serious problem it sucks we have a President who doesn't give a rats ass about it; butthat'ss a different topic for another day maybe with some wine. 

Anyway, moving on today's look I'm not sure what to call it but we're just going to with "off duty" chic (If you have another name in mind please share!). I didn't know the neckerchief was such a thing until I came across this article the day after taking these pics (go me for being a trendsetter). 

When I put the look together I still felt like something was missing, the earrings, bracelet and t-shirt wasn't enough I needed a pop of something and BOOM it hit me the neckerchief! The neckerchief just makes any look effortlessly chic, like you wasn't even trying. 

The original look was actually a leather jacket but like a great friend my photographer (who according to him I will be his wife some day) thought of this awesome mesh jacket he owns. I kid you not guys this jacket is fucking awesome (excuse my french, sorry not sorry)! The way the hood of the jacket just stays up and gives you that nice edgy feel to it UGHHHHHHHHH! He doesn't know it yet BUT he is definitely short on one spring jacket this year 🙃. 

What do you guys think about the look, let me know :)

Hope you enjoyed :)

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WHAT I'M WEARING | Graphic Tee, summer 16 tour; Waxy pants, Zara (old) (similar herehere, and here); Gold pumps, Zara (old) (similar here and here); The neckerchief, Urban Outfitters