Hello my fellow readers!

Hope your week is off to a great start, if not don't worry tomorrow is a new day so you get to start all over; and if you live in NYC go outside tomorrow and play in the snow lol.

I'm going to go off on a little rant here guys, I hope you don't mind but before I get into the outfit I need you to hear me out!

I am 5'0ft tall, don't let the pictures fool you, hence my blog name brooklynpetite. I am petite, shopping for my short ass is very difficult (a women shopping is difficult already so please understand my frustration). To add more to the frustration I am also on the curvy side, its both a blessing and a curse. A lot of amazing individuals that are close to me have been giving me advice on how I should focus on both those things, and give you guys tips on how and where to go when shopping. Of course I have thought about it and if that is what you guys want me to do more of, please do let me know! BUT let me just give you a heads up, the petite collections that they give us women is trash! Like the worst kind of clothes the only good thing is probably your basics, which is your t-shits, skinny jeans, skirts and coats BS! Trust me guys I've been looking so as of now shopping wise, I just go for what I know works for me, which is where that blessing and curse thing I told you about comes in; I embrace my curves (I honestly hate gyms, the smell of them get to me every time but I still go just so I'm not left out of breathe when I'm going shopping, you know 😝). 

I'll definitely go more into details about the things that I do when I go shopping on a different blog post, sounds better no?

OKAY, now for yesterday’s look. I was heading to a brunch date and thought of this outfit completely last minute (those are the best ones). TheLinebyK is my favorite brand, Karla (KarlasCloset) knows what it means for women to embrace their curves! Her bodysuits and dresses give me life, yes its a little more on the pricey side BUT let me tell you the quality of her items is fucking everything! She had a little minor sale last month, they're always like a hit or miss; when I saw that the elsa bodysuit went on sale I had to order it ASAP! As for the bottoms, culottes are a petites woman best friend (theres my first piece of advice). My mother ended up giving me these pants, she wasn't feeling them to much I guess, welp thats her lost cause these bad boys complimented the outfit so well :)

Hope you enjoyed :)

WHAT I'M WEARING| The Elsa Bodysuit, TheLinebyK (back to regular price :/ ); Culottes, Zara (old) (similar herehere); Suede boots, Zara (last season) (similar herehere); Denim jacket, LtrainVintage; Mini backpack, Zara (last season) (similar here, and here