• Hello guys, I've been on vacation mode since I've came back from my vacation. I was going to do a vlog about the trip but I rather save that for Cuba. Here's a little recap of my lovely trip to my hometown Island Puerto Rico. Hopefully this post can give you an idea as to where to go if you ever plan to visit.

  • Castillo San Felipe del Morro; wow, wow, wow! This amazing 400 year old fortress really taught me the history behind the war here in PR. It's completely and utterly breathe taking. The best part about it besides learning the history, is that the tickets are only $5.00 and it gives you a seven day pass! So if you missed anything you have another 6 days to choose when to go back and finish the tour. Make sure you go here first ;)

  • Old San Juan, the streets are small and the buildings are colorful and old (hence the same). I was in loveeeee, just walking the streets and greeting the residents made me feel at home. Wear your most comfortable sneakers and walk around Old San Juan, especially at night 😍! OH, and don't forget to get yourself a frozen gasolina (sangria).

  • Playa Flamenco, Culebra Island. We took one of those small little planes to get there, and I was shitting in my pants (okay not really but I was freaking out). Once we landed WOW! This island is so little and so beautiful, I wished we could've explored it more but we had to go straight to the beach. Besides the white sand and clear water, the rusty tanks that the USA Navy left behind is the main attraction. Thanks to the town people who took it upon themselves to add the graffiti art.

  • If you do want to check out the island, we ended up paying $300 for a round trip for the aircraft. If you are not a fan of small planes or spending a lot of money there is another way to get on this beautiful island; You can take a $50-$60 uber to Fajardo (depending where you're staying) here's the link; take the $2 ferry thats only an hour long ride and you're there. Once you get there you'll see huge taxi vans that will take you and pick you up from flamenco beach for just $10, so in total you're spending around $150 which is wayyyy better than $300 if you ask me 🤷

  • El Yunque National Forest, I hope you love to hike! It's a 45 min 5 mile hike to experience this peaceful forest and your final destination will be La Mina waterfall. Trust me guys when I tell you that the hike is worth it because that water is so flipping refreshing and cold! Jump in that water TRUST ME!

  • Writing this post is just giving some really bad island withdrawal guys, I wish I can jump into this screen and be in there in a matter of seconds like blues clue style 😩. The street art where we were stood was amazing as well. I fell in love with how abandoned everything sort of looked, unfortunately it sucks that a lot of businesses have to close down because of the debt PR is in but yet the people are still happy and welcome you with open arms.

  • The area we stood at was Cale de Las Palomas, I would definitely recommend staying here in an Airbnb. Restaurants everywhere in this area, cheap ones at that I'm talking about $10 plates $3 drinks cheap and the Ocean View beach was just two blocks away from where we stood!

I hope this post was useful for you awesome travelers, let me know what you think :)

P.S. If you do end up going to P.R this year you better tell me all about it!!!!!!