HAPPY MAY GUYS! I know I'm like 3 days late but so what shit happens ;)

Hope your week is going well, if not than just grab your ass and tell yourself "damn that ass is fat"; trust me it works for me every time. Knowing that my body (especially my ass) is the way I want it to be makes me feel good about myself. No my body isn't perfect, but than again who really is perfect besides Rihanna? I'm on a fitness journey but don't get it twisted mama right here could never say no to a whole pie of pizza!

On to the outfit, I love all things vintage but you knew that already. My favorite Levi's are from the vintage twin. I can't stop wearing them, they just fit so perfectly and my ass (see there I go again) just looks so great in them. If you're ever in soho please go check them out! Their jeanius bar is just pure genius. I also happen to come across almost always vintage on IG (during my many late night scrolling sessions), and my god the pieces this amazing woman finds is everything. I'm always heading straight to her IG on Saturday to see which items she's posting on her IG story (@ALMOSTALWAYSVINTAGE). If you happen to miss it just check out her website (I linked it below) to see what pieces she's posting. I ended up getting my hand on this amazing forest green 100% silk top last Saturday and thank god I did because I'm in love with it and it only cost me $20; oh yeah I forgot to mention she's not expensive at all!

Hope you guys enjoyed :)

WHAT I'M WEARING| Vintage Levi's, The Vintage Twin; Green Silk top, almostALWAYS vintage; Gucci Mules