GOOD MORNING! Hope you guys are having a lovely start this week.

Confidence is key to everything you do in life. You want that job? Better make sure you walk into that room with that confidence on top of your shoulders.

I've always had a problem with confidence when it came to really short things, for example mini dresses and mini skirts. I always had that thought "what if someone says something" ... "what if people judge me?"

I'm not sure why I had those ridiculous ideas in my head BUT I am however glad they are gone! I have curves, I have a big butt why not embrace all those features! I do it for me anyways, I like the way It makes ME feel! I feel confident, I feel sexy, I feel like the minute I walk into the room nobody can tell me shit because I know I look good.

Funny how the things I once felt ashamed of, now makes me feel the most confidence. To all my divas out there; short, tall, thick, plus size, petite, etc wear whatever the fuck makes you feel confidence and STOP worrying about the next person please, they don't buy your clothes anyways.

Hope you like :)

WHAT I'M WEARING | Silk Gold top, Almostalwaysvintage; Ruffle mini skirt, Topshop (similar here); Lace up sandals, MIssguided