Hey everyone! I hope you're having a lovely week. I wanted to change things up a little bit for you guys, I wanted to take a moment and share with you what 2017 has done for me ....

This year was a weird one for me, I mean that in the nicest way lol. I had my great moments, but there were also those "I fucked up" moments. I'm not afraid to admit it. I wish I could take back some of the dumb shit I've done or didn't have the guts to do, unfortunately I can't change the things that happened, all I can do is learn from it and move on. I definitely got to learn a lot about myself this year, it was one of the hardest process I've ever had to go through. I remember crying myself to sleep at night because of all the self hate I had towards myself. Admitting to myself all the wrongs I've done in my life, taking full responsibility of them and owning up to them. That's what being an adult is all about. I wasn't in the right mental state back in 2016, I knew I wanted my main focus for 2017 to be all about getting my mental health back in order, and finally getting to learn about the women I saw in the mirror everyday. Getting to that point in your life where no one can tell you about yourself that you already know is truly magical. I got to work with brands that I would've never thought of working with. I met some amazing blogger babes that I truly admire and adore. Now that I look back at it, the only accomplishment I did in 2017 was getting to know me, and I don't regret it at all.

You guys are probably over hearing this BUT I really do feel like 2018 may be the start to something big in my life, I'm not sure what it is but I know that if I dedicate my time and work something great is in the works! I've procrastinated so much in my life I refuse to go into 2018 with that same mindset. I will get shit done no matter how many hours I lose sleep, or how much work needs to be put in, I will get it DONE!!!

I hope you guys had an amazing 2017, if not lets kick 2018 ass and make sure we make it a great one!

P.S. I know I had one accomplishment for 2017 that I feel for the most part I did achieve. I got 3 big things that I will love to accomplish in 2018!

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