Coffee Break - Self Love

Coffee Break - Self Love

Hello Darlings,

If you follow me on IG, than you already know I came back from a lovely 6 day vacation from Tulum, Mexico (Video will be up soon). I took my mom out there for her birthday weekend, we had such an amazing relaxing time I did NOT want to come back!

Of course when on a tropical destination you obviously pack your most finest bikini and take those fabulous Instagram photos! Side note: To all my thick, curvy beautiful women DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT worry about what others may say or think about your body. Moving on, as you guys know I'm always posting my bikini pics on IG, now I don't do it for the attention I do it because I fucking can, it's my damn profile and I'll post whatever the hell I want to post and I don't care who likes it or not!

As a curvy women myself, not everyone is going to understand the reason you do things, so of course you'll get those annoying insecure trolls who hide behind these accounts that have no photo and are following 100+ people and none are following them back, again ANNOYING!!! They start to attack us by calling us fat, disgusting, a disgrace, and my favorite one a whale! I can't tell you how many times I get called a whale, it's coming to the point where I might get a whale tattooed on me as a symbol of courage. Now, if the 4 years ago insecure Veronica would've seen those hurtful malicious word, I would've probably crawled under a rock and never come out again. Thankfully I am no longer that insecure girl and I learned to love my body and it's imperfectly perfect ways. I have a fat ass, I have some cellulites, my thighs are huge but yet my waist is somewhat smaller; basically my lower bottom is larger than what my upper body. I'm fine with that, I embrace my curves because guess what THEY ARE THERE TO BE EMBRACE! It's 2018 people we got plus size models walking and killing it on the damn runway, there's no way in hell I'm a let some lame corny insecure person who clearly needs help get under my skin. I know I'm fabulous, I know I can kill it in a two piece the same way these supermodels be killing it. I know what works for me and what doesn't. So to all my fellow trolls who are reading this (cause I know you're following me on every social media watching my every move, because you have all the time in the world to do so) keep talking your shit, keep calling me whatever it is you want to call me, keep hiding behind the computer ... IT WILL NOT STOP ME FROM BEING FUCKING FABULOUS!!!!! and with that said have a lovely week everyone :)

What I'm wearing| Oversized Roll Neck Sweater, Zara; Men Slim Cargo Pants, G-Star; Sock Boots, Zara (similar here)