Working a Full time job while still blogging!

Working a Full time job while still blogging!

Photos shot by Kevin Sanon

Hey babes, hope your Tuesday is going well!

As you all may know I have a full time job, I never really talk about it simply because well, I don't have to. It was until recently I came across a couple of "inspirational" post that were saying how in order for people to chase their dreams they have to stop relying on their stability aka the 9-5 job. Honestly I think thats complete bullshit! What's so bad about having an income that is supporting the dreams you want to accomplish! Yes, working full-time and having a blog full-time is a lot of work, but so what! How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to make those dreams come true?

I refuse to go broke just to maintain the lifestyle I want to live; I want to travel, I want health insurance and how else will I inspire you guys if I didn't have the money to buy the right pieces to do so. I'm not going to lie to you guys, yes the idea is to become a full-time blogger and get paid the way Aimee (songofstyle), Danielle (weworewhat) and all those other IG famous bloggers are .… But guess what? They also had their 9-5 while doing it, they needed to invest in their brand before making it what it is today. Don't fall into the idea that social media is this big platform that can start up any company, that shit takes time don't go broke while doing it. I'm living comfortably right now while getting paid for campaigns, thanks to the time I invested in my blog.

Here's how I do both my Monday-Friday job and blog full time;

I like to plan out my weeks in advance, I live by my planner, If you don't have one I suggest you get one ASAP! I use my Sunday self care day to write out what is needed for that week, what I need to do for my boss and what I need to do for my blog. I have a set schedule for my blog, I know exactly what I'm posting each day (I use to write the times I needed to post but I stop that).

Events are always given to me two weeks ahead which gives me enough time to let my boss know if I need to leave work early or not. My boss is VERY understanding, she's know how it is to have that NY hustle. When I worked at Zara I use to tell my boss (they would've never understood) my mom didn't have a baby sitter and that I needed to leave immediately because my little sister will be home alone, it worked every time!

Since I don't work weekends I shoot my looks on the weekends(mostly Saturdays), obviously early in the day where there's not a lot of human traffic. I always try to shoot 2-3 looks that day so that they last me throughout the week (yes I'm the lady with the big bag full of clothes). If you don't have off weekends, or your schedule changes every week, pick out what day out of that week you can use to shoot your looks and do it! I know bloggers who shoot at the crack of dawn to get those looks in, I salute you ladies 🙌🏼

If I need to shoot something for a campaign I'm part of, I always do them in the morning before work. You get perfect natural lighting and it gives you enough time to edit them.

I also like to use my lunch time to write my blog post out and save them in my draft, that way when the day comes for me to post them all I have to do is press the post button. That saves me time from doing things last minute. If there's ever a day that I can't because I didn't get that lunch hour, after work I go to the nearest Starbucks and write out the post, save it in my draft, you get the point. I do that because I know that the second I go home I may not ever get the chance to do it, and I'll be behind. It's amazing how much work you can get done away from home.

I hope those tips were helpful. My 6-12 is really whenever I have that open slot to focus on my blog. You have to make time for your brand, if you don't you'll never succeed that way. Planners are VERY, VERY, VERY important!  They will make your life so much easier and organized! I was a hot ass mess when I didn't have one. Now if you hate the job you are in and don't have the necessary funds to hold you down while working for your dream, my advice to you is find another job you might like OR stick that one out temporarily SAVE like crazy; that means no more going out and spending a lot of money, no more shopping like crazy start acting like you are broke and focus all that money into the bigger picture! That's one big sacrifice you'll have to take just to make that dream of yours happen BUT please DO NOT GO BROKE trying to live the life you clearly cannot afford! Now, If you hate your job and have the necessary amount to invest in your brand than by all means quit that job and DO IT, wth are you waiting for?!

P.S. If not having a photographer is stopping you from creating your blog, be your own photographer. Invest in a tripod and a universal bluetooth remote and snap your own pictures. It's 2018 you don't necessarily need a photographer.

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