Corporate Style

Corporate Style

Hey babes, how was your week? It's officially April now and I have some amazing projects in the works for you guys, I can't wait to show you!

Working a 9-5 requires a whole different wardrobe attire. Its like you need two different closets, one for your work life and the other for your  weekend life. The best part about my wardrobe is that I have a shit ton of blazers, I'm obsessed with them! I need them in every color, pattern and shape. They compliment both my work life and weekend life.

When we think of a corporate job we automatically assume suit and tie attire, unless you're working in finance that my friend is NOT TRUE! Many 9-5 jobs have denim Friday's which is a perfect styling opportunity if you ask me BUT if your job requires you to only wear slacks or pants make the best out of it, wear different colored pants, printed pants, culottes (which are my favorite). Mix and match the blazers, add some prints to your blouse collection, don't like blazers ... make sure those blouses are making a fashion statement! If you want to stick to plain colors make sure those shoes are standing out, wear printed shoe, colorful shoes, color blocking shoes, you get my point right? Also, don't forget to accessorize ... earrings can bring a whole entire outfit out if you wear the right one.

I hope these tips were helpful enough for you! Have a great week and make sure to slay your way through that office :)

WHAT I'M WEARING | Vintage Ralph Lauren Blazer, Knitted Culottes, Zara (OLD); Highland boots, Stuart Weitzman; White crop top, Missguided