Fabrics I do Enjoy!

Fabrics I do Enjoy!

I never knew how important fabrics were when I was younger. Now that I'm 24 years old it plays a huge part in my life especially during Summer. I would wear cute polyester pieces and always wonder why my clothes were sticking to me like glue, or why it wouldn't dry from all the sweat (I really do hate the fact I sweat like crazy).

This summer I will NOT wear anything that doesn't say 100% Linen or 100% cotton! My goal is to make sure I'm wearing breathable pieces and not let this damn NYC humidity get to me or kill me. I think it's important that we take into consideration the fabric we buy, especially if we're spending a shit load on them. There's no way in hell I'm spending 200+ on polyester or rayons (two of the worse fabrics to buy if you sweat a lot).

My other problem(s) with polyester is the fact that

it's a plastic-like material made from coal, oil, and water. It’s made in a lab and is used to create many thing;

the harsh chemicals that go into making these clothes can be disastrous on sensitive skin. The chemicals can be rough on skin and lead to rashes. It's also

a huge amount of waste into the earth! I mean I can go on but I won't cause you'll stop reading mid way and I would've wasted my time typing it.

I guess after reading this you'll join me in boycotting anything polyester!

Here's a list of pieces that are Linen and Cotton that you'll enjoy this summer, You're welcome!

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